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What is infoxication? Find out if you suffer from this

Yes, you read that right. I’m not talking about intoxication (although it has something to do with it) I mean the constant bombardment of information that exists due to the overload of content that we find on the Internet. Do you suffer from infoxication? Keep reading this post to find out. 😉

So let’s get to the point, what is infoxication? It is basically excess information, more data than our brain can process. As a consequence, it means that we cannot focus on a certain topic and in the end, instead of learning more, we are uninformed.

What is infoxication? Find out if you suffer from this

And it is not only search engines, web pages, and TV, we have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok and stop counting. All with content that very few people know how to identify as true. It seems that digital power is a double-edged sword because the benefits they have are wonderful, but the consequences can also be dangerous.

Advantage: we all have the power to speak. Disadvantage: we all have the power to have a say. And no, I’m not saying this as a bad thing, but as something we should be careful about. Because not all platforms have a control of the authenticity of the information that is being shared and that at a social level can affect a part of the digital community.

How to know if you suffer from infoxication?

Although I, more than anyone likes to be super updated and on par with all trends, at some point I have seen this type of discomfort. Because I wanted to find some information and when placing the term or phrase on any platform, I almost tire myself with so much information and things that I don’t know if they are real.

To find out if you suffer from this informational malaise, analyze the following:

~ Are you confused?

When you are investigating you get overwhelmed and you do not understand very well or you do not process all the data that you are viewing. You have a hard time making a decision about choosing or not choosing that information.

~ Do you feel that the contents are repeated?

On the Internet there is everything and repetitive content for sure. But if in your analysis process you feel that you are not reaching anything concise because everything seems the same, then you should take a breath because there are symptoms of infoxication.

~ Are you tired of reading?

If no matter how hard you try again and again, your brain does not give for more, then there is an alert. When we have information overload, we cannot process anything in the same way, and all the reading will be left to nothing because nothing more fits in our storage system.

~ Are you looking for information in a superficial way?

It has a lot to do with being fatigued, trying to get out of trouble and not having any kind of clear data. Be careful with this! It is preferable to take a break, rest and relax, because fake content can cost you a lot if you are a marketer like me.

What to do about these symptoms?

Luckily this type of evil has a solution. I will leave you some tips that can help you with information overload:

~ Follow verified accounts and references of the market or item you want, most likely these are the ones that have real and truthful information.

~ Verify the sources of the content you find and more if you get different data on other platforms.

~ Enable security systems on your computers so that you do not come across aggressive information that may be false.

~ Filter the information you receive and get used to curating a lot of the content that you see to learn or that you also use to create.

~ Compare what the competition does but without consuming for immediacy because that’s when infoxication occurs.

~ Twitter has tools to verify the authenticity of the information, take advantage of them.

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