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What is Facebook Live Producer and what is it for?

When I think that Facebook and Instagram can’t surprise me more, they go and get very good functions. This time I will explain what the Facebook Live Producer is and how it works so that you can implement it in your actions.

It was something that we imagined would happen because Facebook Live already existed, but only through mobile phones, and the truth is that it was not so practical for brands or companies. But luckily it already exists.

Facebook Live Producer is a function so that users can broadcast what they won’t live without the need to use third-party tools from the computer. You can broadcast a conversation, an event, an interview, etc.

Where can you find it? On the main page of your profile, in the box to share the publications you have the option “Live video” in red or it is also in the left column of the social network. Clicking it will open another window where you will have all the settings for your transmission.

What is Facebook Live Producer and what is it for?

Steps to use Facebook Live Producer

1. Pages, groups, profiles, or events can broadcast from Facebook Live Producer, so you can do it from anyone.

2. Locate the “Live Video” button in the post share box or left column.

3. Before starting the live video you can add a description, tag friends, register a location, add a feeling, or an activity.

4. When you have everything, tap the “Start Live Video” button.

5. And when you decide that you want to finish you just have to press “Finish”.

These steps are to transmit from the Facebook app, but if you wish you also have the possibility of doing it from “Creator Studio”, click here to learn more.

What you should know before you start broadcasting

~ Create a thumbnail for the video or select an image after streaming.

~ You can limit the scope of the broadcast by setting the audience for which it will be published. Example: can only be viewed by people over 18 or only by users from certain regions.

~ You have the ability to change who can comment on your broadcast on Facebook Live Producer through these options: followers, slow, conversation, restricted, or protected.

~ You can view your stream status to see performance, video bit rate, frame rate, and audio bit rate.

Why use Facebook Live Producer?

It all depends on where most of your community is located, in my case I broadcast live through YouTube when I do a webinar or Instagram, which is very practical and fast.

But if your audience is mostly on Facebook, you can take advantage of this format to better connect with them. Apart from that, you have the advantage that you do not need third-party software to do it.

You can broadcast from your computer or from your mobile in a matter of minutes and to that, you add the advantage that you can include other functions in the “live” as the participation of others, surveys, and questions, etc.

Extra tricks

1. You can broadcast on Facebook Live from Messenger rooms

You can convert a Messenger room into a joint broadcast, here you can connect with up to 50 people plus those who will see the “live”.

2. Check if you are an approved page to raise money

If you have this option available, you can add the “Donate” button to your live broadcasts from the Facebook app or from your computer through Facebook Live Producer.

3. Shorten previous live videos and use them as clips

If there are parts of the stream that you want to skip live that are saved, you can shorten and create shorter clips from the overall stream.

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