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The 7 Biggest Sales Mistakes for Small Businesses Owners

Do you want to know the 7 biggest sales mistakes you are making?

In sales, we aren’t usually aware of the mistakes we are making when communicating with our prospects.

Instead, we just lose sales.

Once we understand that the mistakes we are making are actually harming the effectiveness of our sales, then we can make a positive change.

The first step is identifying what mistakes we are making.

Let’s find out if you are making these sales mistakes.

1. Not Setting Intentions

Don’t go into your meeting without giving your prospects an agenda with your expectations.

2. Ignoring your schedule

Your prospects lose respect for your time when you don’t stick to your schedule.

If you don’t value your time, why should your prospects?

3. Filling silence gap

Do not fill the silence gap, This suggests a lack of confidence

4. Fidgeting

Do not play with pens, paperclips, phones, etc.

Fidgeting suggests nervousness and lack of confidence.

5. Hiding your hands

Do not hide your hand in your pockets, behind your back, etc..

Hiding your hand implies suspicious behavior from your prospect’s perspective.

6. Flattery

Do not give your prospect a fake compliments

Prospect can sense when you are not being genuine and this a big turn off.

7. Avoiding Eye Contact

Do not avoid eye contact

Avoiding eye contact implies you lack confidence and are hiding something.

Are you making any of the sales mistakes? comment below

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