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How to Pass the Google Analytics Certified Exam

Preparing and passing the GAIQ, the Google Analytics exam is the best way to fully understand this software, with all that it entails. Do you dare?

Thinking of taking the Google Analytics certified exam? So we want to warn you: you have to prepare. In these short lines, we want to explain how to do it without failing.

Of course, if you do not know what Google Analytics is, you will first have to do an accelerated immersion in the tool. In this quick introduction to the Google Analytics platform, you will find many of the basic answers to the most common questions.

But beware, it is not advisable to make this a theoretical exercise. The best way to learn is ALWAYS doing, so the idea is that you already have a working account, where you can at least navigate through the functionalities.

What Google wants from you when examining you

The test is for years now free and can be repeated as many times as you want to remove. With this gratuitousness, Google wants you to take the exam and use its tool, but it will also ask you for some basic knowledge about it.

In the  Google Analytics Academy, you can find this knowledge. It’s what Google thinks you should know, so it’s what you have to study. Do not forget to put subtitles in Spanish to the videos of Justin Cutroni and company.

Preparing the exam

Our recommendation is that, as you progress through the lessons, you navigate through the tool looking for functionalities and tinkering a bit. If you don’t want to break anything, create a test view for yourself, so you don’t lose data in the main view if you screw up.

We are not going to repeat the syllabus of the courses, but we do consider that there are a series of topics that are going to fall on you, yes or yes:

The structure of a GA account and its permissions. Google wants you to know how to manage an account with many properties, views, and users.

The operation of data processing. A classic question has to do with recovering data that is excluded from a filter. With this question, Google ensures that you understand how Google processes and delivers data.

The difference between metrics and dimensions and how we can cross them in reports. You will have to show that you understand the type of data that a website collects, and what you can do with it.

The different measurement sections of a website: audience, acquisition, behavior, conversion. This will fall for sure, you need to show that you know what are the aspects that Google considers to be measured on a website.

How do you interpret basic metrics and dimensions with specific business objectives, such as e-commerce?

The types of reports and how to generate them. Without this, you will have little use for GA. Remember that filters (very important) and segments (super important) also enter here.

How to set up events and goals. This is essential if we want to get the most out of the tool, and that is why they will surely ask us.

You can also expect some questions regarding attribution models and multi-channel funnels. Although these are more advanced features, they are good to know.

Lastly, expect questions about  Intelligence Events, and the  GA Solutions Gallery  (a great resource not to be missed).

And yes, you can take the exam in Spanish. Do not worry.

Taking the exam

The test lasts 90 minutes and consists of 70 questions with multiple answers. The exam is accessed through the  Google partner page . To pass the exam you must have at least 80% of the correct questions.

During the exam, we recommend having the resources mentioned above open in your browser, your Analytics account, and the Google search engine.

Pass the exam

Once the exam is passed, Google will put in your profile within Google Partners that you have obtained the certification. You can print it, and even extract a reference link. The certificate is valid for the next  18 months from the date it is approved.

You only have to throw yourself. The test is only a first step in the wide world (it really is) of measuring user behavior on the Internet. Go for it!

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