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8 digital tools for real estate agents

As is already happening in other sectors, real estate is also changing rapidly since the arrival of the Internet and new technologies, because these have changed the way in which people buy, sell and rent real estate. 

In order to serve the new digital consumers, real estate agents have to adapt the way they interact with them and adapt their tools to be in line with the new digital uses and not lose potential clients. 

In the same way that both landlords and tenants make intensive use of the internet to advertise and search for a flat respectively, real estate agents also have online tools that allow them to serve digital consumers at the precise time and place where they need to be cared for.

digital tools for real estate agents

What digital tools does any real estate agent need today?

In this post, we review some of the basic tools that a digital real estate agent needs:

1. Realeflow – Tools for real estate agents

Realeflow is a real estate investment program that streamlines lead generation and automates property analysis to attract the right buyers or tenants. It also provides customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing solutions. It costs 75 to 175 dollars a month. It is ideal for real estate flippers who want to measure the cost of property repair and real estate brokers who are searching for instruments to assess transactions more quickly.

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2. Magic Plan

This tool allows you to create a precise plan of a house by capturing images. No technical knowledge or additional tools are required. You only have to take photos of each room and the floor plan is built automatically and interactively. Once the plan is built, the application allows you to send it by email to the client, so that they can get a more specific idea of ​​what the floor is like and how they could make the best use of the space.

3. Clickmeeting

The ubiquity of the real estate agent is very possible thanks to Clickmeeting, a videoconferencing tool that facilitates meetings, both with clients and with colleagues, anytime and anywhere. The most remarkable thing about Clickmeeting is that it allows virtual visits so that if a client cannot go in person to see a flat, the agent can show it to him through this tool. In addition, the ability to share documents and screen with clients in real-time, allows you to jointly review the most important points of a contract and resolve any questions instantly.

4. GoolZoom

Property appraisal tool created with Google Maps technology and that offers even more data than the Cadastre website, the official search tool for cadastral references in Spain. GoolZoom offers 3 basic functionalities: maps, real estate and data. The real estate functionality allows you to select an area in which to check which flats, houses, offices, premises, rooms or garages are for sale or for rent. In addition to these three functions, GoolZoom offers a multitude of filters, map, cadastre and census data, property valuation reports, and more.

5. Ikea

Although not specifically designed for real estate agents, the Ikea application allows you to view in space, empty or not, a series of items from the Ikea catalog modeled in 3D. Currently, there are 90 items that can be viewed, so that the real estate agent can show the client what a sofa or table would look like in a given room. This app can give that final touch to a visit and finish convincing the customer.

6. Camu

The quality of photos of a home is key to making a great first impression and motivating the desire to visit it in person. Camu is an application that makes it easy to capture high-quality photos with a powerful camera whose interface is very easy to use. Although it is a tool designed for mobile creatives, real estate agents can also take advantage of it and take stunning photos of any property.

7. Canva

To create graphic compositions such as web banners, presentations, brochures, flyers, posters, or any other element that requires a design with images or logos, Canva is the ideal tool. You don’t need to have any notion of graphic design or be especially creative to use it, as it offers a multitude of formats and templates that can be easily combined. To make your designs, with Canva you can use both your own photos and buy images within the same platform.

8. Signaturit

Our advanced electronic signature solution allows you to send documents to be signed to any email account so that the presence of the client is no longer required to close a real estate transaction. With Signaturit you save management time – print documentation, scan it and send it to be signed – and the documents signed through our platform are legally valid, both in the European Union and in the United States.

The main differences between Signaturit and other electronic signature solutions are the following:

It is not necessary to download any app: any document can be sent to be signed from the email, which the real estate agent can access from his mobile, tablet, or computer.

Customers do not have to be registered to sign: they will only have to open their email, open the document, and sign it. And they can do it from their mobile, tablet or computer.

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