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The Best Keyword Research Tools In And Why You Need Them

Best keyword research tools

The best keyword research tools help you make intelligent choices to increase your search traffic and revenue.

But there are so many different tools to choose from. How do you know which one is right for you? Well, there are four different keyword research tools that I personally recommend.

And each of them has awesome unique features. So I’m just going to show you how to use each of the four tools to build a full spectrum keyword strategy. And then you can be the judge of which one is right for you. The first tool that we’re going to look at is Semrush.

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Semrush, which is so much more than just a keyword research tool. You can use it for link analysis, SEO, audits, creating content, and much more.

But today, we are focused on the keyword research features of semrush.

And the first feature that you should check out is the keyword magic tool, because well, that’s what really sets them apart.

Let’s say you were doing keyword research for a travel website, you would enter a term like travel guides into their keyword magic tool, which pulls back thousands of related keywords and their relative metrics, including how difficult it will be to rank.

The Best Keyword Research Tools In And Why You Need Them

What I love about the keyword magic tool is it prompts you to kind of look at keywords from different angles, like these results for keywords containing book or these results. for keywords containing best semrush it makes it really easy to drill down in discover longtail keywords, in fact, you can export CSV files with up to 1 million keywords at a time.

The second keyword research tool I love in semrush is the keyword overview tool,

just enter a keyword and you can find lists of phrase match keywords, and related keywords. For me, this returned thousands of results for my target keyword. And you can click on any of these to find even more related keywords.

The Best Keyword Research Tools In And Why You Need Them

As you can see, if you were building a website about travel, it’s very easy for you to map out your keyword strategy with SEMrush.

But it doesn’t stop there. Because you can also use the gaps feature to discover keywords you never would have found otherwise, all you have to do is enter your domain along with some competitors, and semrush will analyze all of the keywords across the domains to see where there are gaps.

The Best Keyword Research Tools In And Why You Need Them

This is represented in a diagram like this. The sections that overlap are the keywords you have in common with your competitors. But the sections that aren’t overlapping keywords which don’t feature on your website yet,
and could be used to drive traffic, you can drill down into the table view to see the exact keywords these domains rank for.

Because why go to the effort of building your own keyword strategy when your competitors avoided turn it for you.

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