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Best Free Email Marketing Software 2020

In this article, I am going to compare some of the free email marketing software that you can use to build your email subscriber base but more specifically the free plans some of the most popular email marketing services offer and those are Mailchimp, Sendinblue, getresponse, Convertkit, etc.

What I will be going over in this comparison and review is the pricing, the signup process the features and the benefits and the landing pages feature the ease of use and whether each and one of these are actually affiliate marketing friendly and of course I will share my insight as to what the standards are each and one of these email platform

I will help to start and grow a digital business so that you can work when where and how you want to

You Know What you start implementing digital Marketing into business there are so many things to consider such as starting up a website, registering a domain name, content marketing, social media marketing, google ads and so much more.

However there’s one step that you should take and its actually crucial and that is to build an email subscriber base but the problem is if you are just starting out and you are on a limit budget perhaps bootstrapping then you don’t have that much to put into the business and you’re not willing to pay $50, $100 Even $200 a month just to send out emails to your subscribers Which is why I am going to compare 4 different Email Marketing services that offer the free options that still allow you to build an email subscribers base and send out broadcast email now.

1. Convertkit

Convertkit home page
  • Starting Price: Free

I really like convertkit because this is very simple to use is affordable it has all tools to help you grow and manage your email list. You can create beautiful forms and landing pages to collect email addresses. You can communicate with a list using broadcast and sequences broadcast allows you to send emails manually and sequences allow you to send several emails over the span of days or weeks to build trust over time and increase your conversion then you have tags and segments Which will help You categorize people based on their activity and interest to ensure you only send a right promotional image to the right people some people may like cookies, some people like donuts, some people may like muffins and finally have rusyn error message to help you automate the entire process and make your life much easier.

convert kit features

Covertkit Is widely used by creators, bloggers, and podcasters themselves so it is more targeted towards the individual entrepreneur or author or speaker as opposed to commercial businesses or enterprises so they do have that heavily focused on solopreneur short of target markets in terms of the free option you able to use feature and benefits for unlimited landing pages and you can manage up to 500 subscribers

2. Active Campaign

Active Campaign banner
  • Starting price: $19/month
  • Free trial: 30 days

Deliverability is something that a lot of business owners don’t actually think about when they’re choosing their email software provider and that’s how likely is that your emails are gonna actually land in the inboxes of your subscribers so did a test on the delivery of now emphases activecampaign and activecampaign trumped Mailchimp almost 96% deliverability or Mailchimp came in at about 85% also another things to know is that in Gmail they will land in primary inbox more often than the promotional inbox.

Activecampaign allows you to create a bunch of different registration whether it’s inline, popups loading bar it can actually automatically connect through WordPress and Facebook depending on if you have got this functionality set up.

3. Sendinblue

Best Free Email Marketing Software 2020

Starting Price: Free

Sendinblue is an email marketing platform which empowers businesses to build and grow relationships through email campaign transactional email SMS messages marketing, Marketing automation, Facebook Ads, Chats CRM, and retargeting ads also with sending blue you can create mobile-friendly emails you can integrate advanced designs scheduling and automation they have that also there deliverability is solid they have nice integrations and also clear and complete report.

its the statistic that you need and also the integrated you can integrate sending blues to google analytic

Sendinblue is a kind of like hybrid of Mailchimp with mail or lights its got the feature of Mailchimp and mail alight but at an affordable price Sendinblue works rather different so I can’t compare 10,000 subscribers to 10000 subscribers here because you get unlimited contacts However they do base it on how many emails are sent per day so with the free plan you can send up to 300 per day.

4. MailerLite

mailer lite

MailerLite tool has been growing rapidly over the last few years becoming ever more popular that combined with its low prices gave us enough reason to see what all fuss was about pricing is one of my life’s biggest advantages offering a forever free plan with access to most features just be aware that this comes with 12,000 email cap and 1000 subscribers limit and you have to up with a small mailing add-in outgoing emails. Once you moved on to a paid plan prices don’t shoot up like they sometimes do with other email marketing tools.

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