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Top 20 Marketing, Advertising, and Sales Playbooks

The world of marketing is really fruitful when it comes to works and bibliographic references. And, therefore, it is normal that every time you think about an upcoming reading you go crazy searching among the best marketing books for the right one to dedicate your time and dedication.

Constant learning is essential in our profession, and for this reason, we wanted to compile here the best books in the sector through a small classification that will help you make the decision of what your next readings will be.

Here, you will find the best marketing books in general, but also the best digital marketing books, and those specifically for professionals with high aspirations, such as strategy books. Ready to discover them?

Marketing and Advertising Books You Must Read

Here is our selection of the 20 best marketing books that we recommend you read, in 3 groups:

  • Marketing books to boost your business
  • Marketing playbooks
  • Books on digital marketing

1) ‘The red book of brands’ by Luis Bassat

The keys to today’s branding always written by an advertising great, Luis Bassat, who founded the famous Bassat Ogilvy agency. This is a comprehensive guide that will help you understand how a product can become a well-known and successful brand. 

2) ‘Reboot’ by Janson Fried and David H. Hansson

There are still many people who maintain a company concept based on mental rigidity; fixed departments, standard selection processes, established schedules …

However, to really move forward we need to be creative and think about other options. This book will make you rethink many things, but above all, it will make you reinvent your organization based on its true needs and objectives, and not according to the established order.

Although it is focused on organizations and companies in the broadest sense, it is also applicable to what we could call the marketing department. What’s more, there is a chapter dedicated to this topic, where it is explained that ‘marketing’ should not be a department of a company, ‘marketing’ should be everything.

3) ‘Your World on a Napkin’ by Dan Roam

We, marketers, are dedicated to solving problems. Mainly, the problem of connecting businesses with their customers to increase their sales. That is why this book, with which you will learn to solve problems through drawings, is 100% recommended. Visual thinking helps us find solutions, faster and more effectively. And it is unquestionable that a picture is worth a thousand words.

With this marketing and advertising book, you will not only learn the importance of the visual factor in solving problems, but you will also understand that it is not necessary to be an artist to be able to represent concepts with drawings. You will find a lot of resources to take away your fear of drawing and express yourself freely.

4) ‘Rich dad, poor dad’ by Robert T. Kivosaki

Know where we are and where we want to be. Understand the value of things and money in order to properly manage our resources. Without a doubt, a fundamental base for anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to the world of business and marketing, and at the same time, be happy with what they achieve.

5) ‘The Purple Cow’ by Seth Godin

A book that shows you different points of view on products and market approaches that should stop being “perfect” to become different and transformative. 

With it, you will learn how to make your product or service a Purple Cow, that is, something extraordinary and so unique that it cannot go unnoticed in the eyes of those who look at it.

6) ‘Creatividad, SA: How to take inspiration to infinity and beyond’ by Edwin Catmull 

Creativity is what differentiates a normal company from an outstanding company. This is a book about how creative culture is built, specifically, about how the famous Pixar ecosystem was built fighting against the pre-established ideas of what a company should be.  Learning from mistakes, that there are a fluid communication and relationship between all the members of the company (and not taking things for granted), are some of the keys that he develops in-depth.

7) ‘The Art of Captivating’ by Guy Kawasaki

As you well know, marketing can be considered as the efforts made by a company to captivate a market. For this reason, and because its author is a true crack in art, this book is essential for every professional in the sector.

This is one of the best marketing books that will teach you to transform and seduce people, thus turning skeptics into believers and the undecided into faithful. A process today essential to maintain a long-term relationship with customers 

8) ‘The Art of Starting 2.0’ by Guy Kawasaki

If the previous book captivates, this one will too. It is especially aimed at entrepreneurs who start their business in the 2.0 world, but for marketers, it is also an excellent option.

Through reading it, you will be able to learn to launch a launch, to lead a team or project, to get funding and present your project, to create a team and evangelize, to associate, and most importantly, to be legal in the world of Internet.

9) ‘Manual Thinking’ by Luki Hubert and Gerrit Jan Veldman

An excellent tool to manage creative teamwork. It is a methodology that helps to visualize, synthesize, break down, order, relate, prioritize, and share tasks and knowledge in order to learn to think and build together.

It is based on the use of mental maps, and although it is applicable to practically any field, even personal or family, it is ideal for managing work teams where the management of ideas and knowledge is of special relevance, such as a marketing team or advertising agency.

10) ‘The one minute manager’ by Ken Blanchard and Spender Johnson

It is a very basic but useful and quick-to-read book that explains three basic techniques to improve the work of executives, although it is applicable to practically any work sector.

The key is knowing how to properly manage three elements: goals, praise, and reprimands. The book shows a complete methodology to organize the entire work system based on these three concepts, marking a clear path of steps to follow to achieve the objectives.

11) ‘Storytelling, magic writing’ by Carlos Salas

There are many books on the art of writing, copywriting, storytelling, creative writing … But if I had to choose just one to recommend, I would stick with this one. It is a fast and easy-to-read book, which shows the keys to order ideas and transmit them in written form with ease in order to be read to you. Each chapter is an essential key to improve your written communication.

What’s more, the chapters are not too long but are based on an explanation plus some clarifying examples, and always end with a reminder of the most important things you must internalize to improve your writing. Definitely a basic marketing book for anyone in the business.

12) ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’  by Stephen R. Covey

Being a good marketer is inextricably linked with being a highly effective person. Your objective is not to achieve results, but to obtain us in the best possible way and in an optimal way from a temporary and economic point of view. And for that reason, this book can be your best ally to become a better professional.

The 7 habits that the author delves into, and that explains how to acquire them, are:

Be proactive

Always have a clear goal

Know how to prioritize

Always think in terms of win-win

Understand first to be understood later

Look for synergies

Renew and improve constantly

13) ‘Three ladies with a brand’ by Fátima Martinez, Ana Zuazo, and Vilma Núñez

Emotional text that covers the lives of three successful women, the path to their achievements, and the keys that have led them to create a personal brand that represents them. Without a doubt, three examples to follow when it comes to personal development and brand building.

14) ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu

This should be the bedside book for any professional working in strategic fields. The concept of strategy and its application to the world of business and marketing originated in this work that inspired Napoleon, Machiavelli, and other historical figures when it came to undertaking their most notorious battles. And although war is referred to at all times, the truth is that it is perfectly applicable to all kinds of subjects with a good interpretation. However, if you prefer something more specifically focused on your field, some authors have dared to publish books that apply these principles to specific fields. For example ‘ The Art of War Applied to Marketing by Jaime Silva Alba. 

15) ‘Business Model Generation’ by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur

Very visual and easy to read the book. It is very useful because it shows a clear and simple methodology to generate business and always keep them at full capacity thanks to continuous innovation.

In addition to the canvas that allows you to have a global vision of a business, it explains key elements such as market segmentation and the value proposition, which can completely transform the vision and conceptualization of a company. In addition, it is full of examples of large companies, through which it is much easier to understand the operation and application of the methodology.

16) ‘The Blue Ocean Strategy’ by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

It is a new way of thinking about business and the market, as well as designing products and services. It is based on a study of 150 strategies applied for more than 100 years. The main idea is to learn to find new untapped markets so that instead of focusing on competing, do it on satisfying the specific needs of each client. Creating markets is how you get to lead them.

17) ‘Money: Master the Game’  by Tony Robbins

Understanding the true value of money and work is something that will help you create a new perspective on life. But not only that, this book will help you boost your business and discover the keys to financial freedom, that is, reach that point where you no longer need to work to live.

 The best books on digital marketing

It’s been a few years since the online world has become part of the marketing and sales strategies of all companies. From this, a huge bibliography has emerged. Here you will find a selection of the best digital marketing books to focus on this sector:

18) ‘Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital’ by Philip Kotler

One of the professionals and authors of theories and books on marketing with more years of experience and international recognition launched this book in 2016 (not yet translated into Spanish). In it he examines the changing dynamics of the market, the paradoxes created by connectivity, and the increasing fragmentation of the subculture that is shaping the consumer of the future. In short, a book that collects the bases of marketing applied to the new digital context.

19) ‘The Electronic Commerce Book’  by Eduardo Liberos, Rafael García del Poyo, and Ignacio Somalo

In it, you will find all the aspects to consider when launching an eCommerce. Financing, business models, digital communication, recruitment, loyalty, means of payment, regulations, customer service, distribution and logistics, pricing policy, mobile commerce …

The only but that we would put this book is that its last update is from 2011, and being so practical, some things have become somewhat obsolete, and it does not enter the world of Social Commerce.

20) ‘Triunfagram’ by Vilma Nuñez

In the selection of the best digital marketing books, our favorite could not be missing; Triunfagram.

Discover the best strategies to succeed and sell on Instagram. Getting quality followers, achieving web traffic, increasing your sales, and promoting your brand, are some of the objectives that you will achieve by reading this book on Instagram.

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